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Somewhere between the dry, cracked earth & the relentless sun there's a land blessed with plenty. A timeless Bedouin town where traditions and tastes have stayed the same for centuries.

It was here that local tribes taught one South African woman, under the shelter of the Qarmishli tents to craft ancient preserves, cheeses, and spreads as tasty and nourishing as they have been for generations.

History Of Labneh

Traditionally made by the Bedouin tribes of the Middle East and Northern Africa, this delicious yoghurt cheese delicacy is like a soft cream cheese, but with fewer calories and no artificial preservatives.

What Is Labneh

Labneh is a thick, rich yoghurt cheese popular in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and Northern Africa. A good low fat substitute for cream cheese and sour cream, you can shape it into balls and roll in seasonings for a bite-size snack.

Labneh is also good as it thickens salad dressings with a pleasant tang and creamy texture.